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Understanding van insurance: What is covered, and what is not

Know beyond the surface particulars of your van insurance coverage

  • By Paddy Compare
  • 23 August 2023

Your van is an essential part of your business as well as daily life. It is, therefore, an important safety measure and not just a legal responsibility to insure your van.

What is covered exactly in van insurance varies from policy to policy. But there are some trends and broad categories to know that can help you.

Paddy provides you with hassle-free and competitive van insurance quotes that suit your needs and budget. You can compare policies from across the country and then make an informed choice.

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What is generally covered in van insurance?

Van insurance is a legal requirement to drive a van on Irish roads. It is to protect any person or property that your van may cause damage to. Every van insurance, therefore, includes third-party protection as a minimum.

Apart from that, your van insurance can give you coverage for:

  • Protection of vehicle against fire and theft
  • Legal claims in case of an accident
  • Breakdown assistance, such as towing or roadside repairs
  • Medical expenses to the driver in case of injury
  • Goods in transportation

What is generally not covered in van insurance?

Van insurance has some exceptions and exclusions when it comes to coverage. Even fully comprehensive van insurance doesn't cover certain cases.

You're likely to not get coverage for the following in your van insurance:

  • Negligence, such as leaving your van unlocked during a theft
  • Overloading beyond the van's capacity leading to accidents
  • Wear and tear of van parts
  • Driving without a valid licence
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Claims arising from illegal activities such as smuggling
  • Geographical limits

Factors that affect your van insurance coverage

Your van insurance coverage is affected by various factors, including:

Types of van insurance:

There are three types of van insurance.

  • Private van insurance
  • Commercial van insurance
  • Transit van insurance

Levels of coverage

There are three levels of van insurance coverage:

  • Third-party only
  • Third-party, fire & theft
  • Fully comprehensive


You can customise your van insurance policy to suit your needs. For instance, you can add more than one driver, include multiple vans, or get usage-based coverage according to your business or personal needs.

Additional coverage

Several van insurance dealers offer a number of additional coverages. While some of these might be helpful to you, you should take care to not buy anything that you don't need. Some examples of additional coverage are windscreen coverage, key coverage, courtesy car, etc.

All these factors together decide what will be covered in your van insurance.

How does the type of my van insurance affect my coverage?

The right van insurance for you will fit your van usage as well as your budget. There are three types of van insurance. These are:

Private van insurance (known as social use only): It provides coverage if your van is strictly for personal use like for hobbies, visiting friends, etc.

Business van insurance (also known as commercial van insurance): It applies when the van is used for work, commuting, transporting goods, etc.

Transit van insurance: It protects businesses from financial damages that can happen while transporting goods from one place to another. This insurance generally covers transportation by air, sea, road, or rail.

What are the different levels of van insurance coverage?

There are three different levels of van insurance coverage. The cover that you choose determines the situations in which you will be covered:

Third party only:
Legally, you must have this level of coverage to drive at all. It only covers injuries or damage to third-party and is the most basic type of coverage. Neither you nor your van will be protected by it.

Third party, fire & theft:
The halfway ground between comprehensive and third-party-only coverage is third-party, fire, and theft. This provides protection against vehicle theft, fire damage, and harm or death to others.

Comprehensive van insurance:
This insurance provides the highest level of protection. It protects you, your van, and any third party involved in motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, fires, and theft.

What are the customisations available on van insurance deals?

Customised deals make a little change in the policy to make it better suited for you and your van. Here are some popular examples of customised deals:

  • Van fleet insurance
    Covers two or more of your vehicles under a single policy.
  • Business pickup truck insurance
    Protects you, your employees, and your business from damages and liabilities.
  • Any driver van insurance
    Allows you to cover multiple people under a single policy.
  • Specialist van insurance
    Cover you if a standard policy doesn't meet your needs because your van has been modified to the needs of your business.
  • Multi-van insurance
    Provides the same coverage as standard van insurance but with all your vans covered by the same provider.
  • Haulage [goods in transit insurance]
    Covers you or your customer's property or goods if lost, damaged or stolen while they're being moved from one place to another.
  • Courier [Good for hire/reward]
    Courier drivers who deliver goods using their own vehicle are required to take out a hire and reward policy.
  • Carriage of own goods
    Protects all your belongings in the vehicle such as tools and work equipment.

Additional coverage

Add-ons are additional covers that can be included in your policy, at an additional price, depending on your needs. Some examples of add-ons in van insurance are:

  • Breakdown cover
    Assistance when your vehicle breaks down, offering help with repairs, towing, and other services to get you back on the road safely.
  • Personal Accident Cover
    Provides financial support in case of accidental injury or death while driving, protecting you and your family.
  • Windscreen protection
    Covers repair or replacement costs for damaged windshields, ensuring clear visibility and safe driving.
  • Full bonus protection
    Safeguards your no-claims bonus, preventing it from being affected even if you have to make a claim.
  • Key Cover
    If your van insurance gives key coverage, it helps if your car keys are lost, stolen, or damaged. You can replace or repair them.

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