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Add-Ons To Opt For While Buying Car Insurance

The importance of add-ons - explained!

  • By Paddy Compare
  • 18 May 2023

Add-ons or additional covers in car insurance refer to additional features or benefits that you can purchase to enhance your car insurance policy.

These features are often designed to provide extra protection to you and your vehicle, giving you some peace of mind.

  • These covers can help protect you against unexpected events that may not be covered by your standard car insurance policy.
  • It's important to carefully consider the costs and benefits of each add-on to find the right level of coverage for your requirements.

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Different Types of Add-ons

  1. Breakdown Cover: This add-on provides assistance if your vehicle breaks down or experiences a mechanical failure while you are driving. This typically includes:
    • Roadside Assistance: Emergency services like towing, fuel delivery, and battery jump-start in case your car breaks down on the road.
    • Towing: If your vehicle is not repairable at the roadside, your breakdown cover will include a towing service to take your car to the nearest garage for repairs.
    • Onward Travel: Some breakdown cover policies will also provide you with alternative transport options, such as a replacement car or public transportation, to help you continue your journey.
    • Home Start: This service provides assistance if your car won't start at home or within a certain distance of your home.
  2. No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection Cover: This cover helps you retain your accumulated NCB even after making a claim during the policy period. You can choose to protect your no-claims bonus, allowing you to make a certain number of claims in a year before it affects your premium.
  3. Windscreen Cover: This covers the cost of replacing or repairing your:
    • Front windscreen
    • Back windows
    • Side windows
    • Other windows
    • Bodywork.
    There's a maximum amount that insurers are willing to pay for windscreen replacement or repair in respect of any one claim for accidental damage to windows. Usually, your no-claims bonus won't be affected if you make a windscreen claim!
  4. Key Cover: This add-on covers the cost of replacing your keys if they are lost or stolen, as well as any related expenses, such as locksmith fees or reprogramming electronic keys.
  5. Legal Protection: Adding legal cover will allow you to gain access to legal advice and will provide financial protection against legal expenses. Legal expenses protection can cover the costs associated with defending a motoring conviction and can recoup any costs you might incur following a motor accident.
  6. Business Cover: This add-on provides coverage for vehicles that are primarily used for business purposes. It is designed for businesses that use vehicles for activities such as making deliveries, transporting goods or passengers, or travelling to business meetings.
    Business cover can include the following things:
    • Commercial Use: This provides coverage for vehicles used for business purposes, such as transporting goods or passengers.
    • Haulage Cover: This provides coverage for vehicles used for commercial. This provides coverage for any damage or injury caused to a third party while using the vehicle for business purposes, haulage, or delivery purposes.
    • Goods in Transit: This covers the loss or damage of goods being transported in the vehicle.
    • Public Liability: This provides coverage for any damage or injury caused to a third party while using the vehicle for business purposes.

It's essential to understand the terms and conditions of each cover before opting for them. It's equally important to evaluate your individual needs and assess the risk factors when deciding on additional covers.

Other than the risk, here are some additional factors to consider when buying Car Insurance.

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Other Covers to Consider

  1. Covers which protect the full value of your car: These will help ensure your car is completely protected no matter what type of damage it comes across. You will not have to pay for any additional charges which may come up.
    • Zero Depreciation Cover - This cover ensures that you get the full value of your car parts replaced in case of damage or accidents, without any deduction for depreciation.
    • Engine Protection Cover - This cover protects your car's engine and its components against damage due to waterlogging, oil leakage, or other similar incidents.
    • Return to Invoice Cover - This cover ensures that you receive the full value of your car in case of theft or total loss. For example, if you live in an area with a high risk of car theft, adding this to your insurance policy can help you recover the cost of your vehicle if it's stolen.
    • Consumables Cover - This cover includes the cost of consumables like nuts, bolts, screws, and other small items that are generally not covered in a standard policy.
  2. Personal Accident Cover: This cover provides financial compensation to the driver or passengers in case of accidental death or permanent disability due to an accident. This cover may also include additional benefits such as medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and loss of income due to the accident. The amount of the payout depends on the terms of the policy and the severity of the injury.

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