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Essential Documents To Get Car Insurance In Ireland

Learn about important documents needed to purchase car insurance in Ireland

  • By Paddy Compare
  • 19 May 2023

Car Insurance is a necessary requirement for all vehicle owners. It offers financial protection in case of accidents or damages to your car.

To buy car insurance, you need certain documents. Your insurer will ask for documentation before they send you your car insurance certificate and disc of insurance. It is essential to have your documents in place to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

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This guide provides a list of documents required while purchasing car insurance in Ireland.

There are majorly 3 types of Car Insurance to choose from, namely: Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third Party Car Insurance, Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance.

Once you are sure about what type of Car Insurance you need, you require a list of documents needed to get your Car Insurance.

Documents Needed to Get Car Insurance

  1. Driver's License

    A valid driver's license is essential for purchasing car insurance. The license is used to verify that the person purchasing the insurance is authorised to drive the vehicle. It also indicates the type of vehicle the license holder can drive and the validity of the license.

  2. Identity Proof

    Identity proof is required in order to safeguard against malpractices and ensure that a fair and consistent procedure is being carried out.

    Documents that qualify as identity proof:

    • A passport
    • A Current utility bill (such as a gas, electricity or telephone or mobile phone bill)
    • Current car or home insurance policy that shows your address.
    • Document issued by a government department that shows your address.
    • Copy of your Tax Credit Certificate (TCC)
  3. Address Proof

    Address proof is required to verify the address of the vehicle owner. It is used to ensure that the insurance documents are sent to the correct address.

    Documents that qualify as address proof:

    • Your P60 or Employment Detail Summary
    • Mortgage statements if you own your home
    • Tenancy/rental agreement if you are renting
    • Bank statements for at least 3 months of each year showing day-to-day transactions or Direct Debits for utility bills.
    • An employment letter from your current employer, which includes your name, address, and 3 recent payslips
    • Utility bills such as electricity or gas bills, or bills for fixed line telephone, internet or TV
  4. Previous Insurance Policy

    Information about the insurance policy you were using previously is required while renewing car insurance (if applicable). This contains information such as:

    • The policy number
    • The name of the insurer
    • The coverage provided
  5. Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC)

    The RC is a mandatory document for purchasing car insurance. It is used to verify the ownership of the vehicle and to ensure that the insurance is taken for the right car. This document contains information about the vehicle, including:

    • Make
    • Model
    • Engine size
    • Engine number
    • Chassis number
    • Registration date
    • Registration number
    • Owner's details.
  6. Vehicle Inspection Report

    A vehicle inspection report is required by some providers to assess the condition of the car. It is used to determine the premium amount and the coverage offered. The report assesses the condition of:

    • The engine
    • Brakes
    • Tires
    • Other parts of the car.
  7. Tax Certificate

    In Ireland, a tax certificate serves as proof that the vehicle has been registered and that the owner has paid the required motor tax. The insurance company needs to verify this information since it can have an effect on the insurance premiums.

  8. No Claims Bonus (NCB) Certificate

    If you have not made any claims in the previous year, you may be eligible for a no-claims bonus. The NCB certificate is used to verify the discount that you are entitled to.

  9. Insurance Proposal Form

    An Insurance Proposal Form is required to get a quote and purchase a policy. This form includes the following information:

    • Details about you
    • Details about your vehicle
    • The level of insurance coverage required

Having your documents in place ensures a smooth and hassle-free process while buying car insurance.

In addition to the documents learn about some Tips to save on Car Insurance and also Factors to consider when buying Car Insurance in Ireland.

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