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How to save money on your car insurance

Ireland is an expensive place to buy car insurance, with the typical driver paying €1067 according to the Irish Sun in November 2018; more expensive than UK counterparts. So it’s even more important to do all you can to save money on your premium. Paddy Compare investigates how.

1. Shop around at renewal

One of the largest savings available is simply by comparing prices at renewal time. Even if you don’t want to switch company, asking around for other quotes may help negotiate a better deal with your current insurance broker. Ensure you are comparing like-for-like in terms of the cover provided, and that your excess amounts are the same. Paddy Compare can help you do this with one simple quote form.

2. Make use of NCD and named driving experience

Some customers simply forget how many years no claims bonus they have, particularly if they have been off the road for a while or if they are switching insurance broker. Insurers use NCD evidence as a ‘report’ of your driving experience – if you’ve been a safe driver you will be awarded with lower premiums. Remember to tell your broker about any named driving experience, company car driving experience, or experience driving abroad. All of these may be used to help reduce your premiums.

3. Increase your excess

The excess is the amount you must pay to your insurance company in the event of you making a claim, to cover the costs of repair to your vehicle or for medical treatment. If you can afford to increase this, the insurance company will see you as less risk, and reward this with lower insurance premiums. However you must be able to pay the excess or risk being left without a vehicle if you happen to be involved in an accident. You don’t have to pay an excess if a third party is claiming against you, so this only applies to Comprehensive, Fire and Theft Claims.

4. Reduce your cover

If your car has seen better days and is destined for the scrap heap shortly, then do you really need fully comprehensive insurance? Your car may not be worth much, and it may be worth reducing your cover to insure against Third Party claims only. Always investigate both options, as sometimes comprehensive cover can cost less than third party only.

5. Add a named driver

Particularly if you are a less experienced driver, adding a more-experienced friend or family member to your policy can often reduce your premiums. This person does not have to be a regular driver if your vehicle but the fact that they are named may be seen as a positive by your insurer. Try getting quotes for one or two additional drivers and see how this affects the costs. This has a further advantage in that you can share the driving on long journeys; resulting in a safer and more pleasurable driving experience for everyone.

6. Check your occupation

Different occupations are seen as different risks, however many people undertake a job that could be described in many different ways. Are you an Engineer who manages construction projects? Try receiving a quote for an Engineer or a Project Manager. Are you in the medical profession? Instead of Nurse perhaps try Paramedic or Care Assistant. Are you at IT consultant? Try Data Processor or Computer Engineer instead. Are you a Civil Servant? Try using that rather than your specific title. Of course, remember that any job title you do use must be applicable to the role that you do, or your insurance may be invalid. The Money Saving Expert tool will help you explore different options for your occupation.

7. Get quotes at different times of the year

Insurance underwriting companies will publish new rates to their insurance brokers on a regular basis, often every month. If your insurance policy is due in the middle of July for example, try getting a quote towards the end of June, and then again at the beginning of July. Your first quote will usually remain valid for 30 days, so you can then chose the cheaper policy and buy that one.

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Happy Christmas from Paddy Compare

As 2018 draws to a close, Paddy Compare would like to wish all our customers a great Christmas and Happy New Year. We would also like to thank all of our insurance brokers for their great service throughout the year, and look forward to a happy and successful 2019.

2019 is set to be an interesting year with the impending Brexit, further advances in mobile technology and positivity in the construction sector.

In his 2019 Budget, Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe referred to the country as “a modern and caring Ireland that aims to be at the centre of a changing world.”

We look forward to the challenges ahead. Cheers!

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Best Black Friday Deals Ireland 2018!

Black Friday is here!! What can we expect in 2018? Well even more discounts. With over 90% of retailers offering big deals, now is the time to buy Christmas presents and get the latest tech at prices we all can afford. For more information on who’s in, what’s hot and product offerings, check out our Best Black Friday Deals in Ireland 2018 summary here.

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Top ten tips for Black Friday Ireland 2018!

With Black Friday fast approaching and many of the retailers advertising the first of their discounts already, now is the time to act. Black Friday or Black Friday week is a great opportunity for you to save on Christmas gifts, electrical appliances, latest tech and homeware. Paddy has came up with the top ten tips to help you find the best Black Friday deals in Ireland in 2018. Click here for our top ten tips and start saving now.


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Government slammed again over rising car insurance premiums!

A recent report by AA Ireland has hit out at the Government, accusing ministers of turning a blind eye to the ever increasing car insurance premiums across the Isle.  Just when we thought prices couldn’t go up anymore…. the Central Statistics Office reported average rises of 70pc over a 3 year period, the average premium now stands at a whopping 750 euro. With no change in legislation or reform to the sector, the average Joe continues to take the hit, and worse yet, the Government have turned their attention to Brexit and housing. Whilst the large players continue to thrive and hold all the customer information, things need to change. AA Ireland has set about lobbying the Government on five key reforms in an effort to drive costs down. Will it work, only time will tell! In the meantime, get car insurance quotes at Paddy Compare to see how much you could save today. You can get quotes from a range of local and specialist brokers in just minutes.

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Volkswagen to recall 500,000 vehicles in USA – Paddy Compare news!

A bad day for Volkswagen as they have been ordered to recall 500,000 vehicles by the US Government. Why you ask? The Environmental Protection Agency is investigating the car maker after it was reported to have been using sophisticated computer software to cheat clean air tests in its diesel cars. The affected cars include the VW Jetta, Golf, Passat, Beetle and Audi A3 models manufactured in the last 7 years. The company could face fines of up to $18 billion.

Do you own a Volkswagen? If so, don’t worry as it only as it is only USA cars that have been affected. At Paddy Compare you can get car insurance quotes from multiple brokers with just one form. Simply complete our online motor insurance quote form and our partner brokers will contact you with quotes. Our specialists cover all vehicle types and quote nationwide. So get a car insurance quote and save money today.

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Car insurance premiums in Ireland rise almost 20% in 2015 – Paddy Compare news!

A recent study by the AA revealed that car insurance premiums have rose by almost 20% in 2015 alone. This marks the single biggest one year rise in over a decade. The typical driver of a family car now faces annual premiums of over €1,000 and for any more specialist risks the increase could be even greater.

What do the insurance companies say?? They say the price rises are due to more claims, people going to court for compensation and lower levels of reserves. A routine whiplash claim in Ireland will often result in compensation of around €15,000 when compared to only €5,000 in UK.

What do we say?? Shop around and use Paddy Compare. Do not let the reduction in fuel costs go to waste, use Paddy Compare to compare motor insurance prices in Ireland. Simply complete our car insurance quote form and our partner brokers will contact you with tailored quotes to suit your circumstances. All you have to do is pick up the phone and choose the best policy for you. Give it a try, speak to a specialist car insurance broker today.

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Annual cost of a family car in Ireland over €10k, could you afford it? – Paddy Compare news!

How much does a family car actually cost? A survey by The AA revealed that the cost of running a typical family car for a year was approximately a whopping €10,600. Yes, that is right when you add it all up most families in Ireland are spending more than €10k a year on their car. Rising motor insurance premiums counteracted the reduced fuel prices. For further details on the survey check out The AA website here.

Whilst car insurance prices in Ireland have increased on average by about 20% across Ireland, at Paddy Compare you can compare car insurance with just one form. By completing our motor insurance quote form our specialist local brokers will contact you with cheap quotes suited to meet your circumstances. So fill in the form and sit back and relax and see if you could save on your car insurance today.

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Over 15 year old car insurance – Paddy Compare news!

Big news for motor car owners in Ireland with “old” cars as some insurers are insisting that they will not offer cover to new customers with vehicles registered in 2000 or older. Even if you hold a valid National Car Test (NCT) certificate that shows your vehicle is safe to drive, they still will not protect you. The insurers concerned are two of the biggest in Ireland, being Allianz and Aviva. WHY? They say, older vehicles, those over 15 years old, carry higher risk and often lead to fraudulent claims. Read more here.

At Paddy Compare you can compare car insurance from a range of specialists with just one form. Simply complete our car insurance quote form and we will put you in contact with a broker that is best placed to meet your needs. You can get car quotes for any vehicle and any age. It is free and easy to use, so give us a try today.

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Irish car sales on the rise, 16% increase in May 15 – Paddy Compare news!

May proved to be a great month for car sales as it saw an increase of 16% on the same month last year. Approximately 9,000 new cars were sold during the month with the most popular vehicle make being the Volkswagen which made up 12% of the total sold and over 9,300 registrations. Other popular makes were Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Hyundai.

At Paddy Compare you can get compare car insurance with one short form. With car insurance on the rise it is even more important to compare prices to ensure that you get yourself the best deal possible. By answering a few short questions, Paddy will match your details up to a broker, best suited to your circumstances. Our car insurance specialists cover all vehicle types, so get a quick quote and get yourself a great deal today.