House prices rally outside Dublin, with more modest gains in the capital

Recent figures from the Central Statistics Office show that whilst Dublin house prices rose during 2016, the majority of the gains were outside the capital.

2016 Property Prices (Central Statistics Office)

Across the country, home-owners saw an average increase of 8.1%. Unlike in previous years, Dublin properties did not see the bulk of these increases, with a rise of just 5.8%.

Outside of Dublin, there were gains of 12.1%, but the best of these gains were in the West of the country, with house prices rising 17.8%.

Whilst strong gains are being made, property prices are still 32.1% lower than the peaks seen in 2007, opening up opportunities for first-time buyers to purchase their first home, and for existing home-owners to be able to climb the ladder, particularly those who are deciding to move outside the capital.

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