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How to become a taxi driver and get a taxi PSV licence in Ireland!

Are you interested in a career that offers both flexibility and reward? If so becoming a taxi driver could be the answer. You will need to know how to become a taxi driver and how to get a PSV taxi license. Taxis and small public service vehicles are regulated by the National Transport Authority. Their duties include overseeing the licensing of all taxis, hackneys and limousines, processing applications, issuing and renewing licences for SPSVs. All this is done through a network of 32 regional centres. You will need a SPSV Driver Licence which involves completing an application to the Garda Síochána and sitting a SPSV Entry Test in order to obtain your SPSV driver ID card. You will also need a SPSV Vehicle Licence which are issued by the NTA to applicants who meet certain conditions and whose vehicles meet the required standards. The cost to renew your licence for a period of 1 year is approximately €125. For more details on how to get a PSV taxi licence and how to become a taxi driver please click here.

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