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Ireland has seen a 30% rise in the amount of people moving to Australia in the last six years.  Some leave for the permanent summer, others for work or adventure and some seek a better way of life. Irish emigrants are also attracted by the booming economy as over 40,000 Irish people journey to Australia for work every year. Many use the popular 457 temporary work visa and hope to find a job in the mines of Western Australia. Yes, there are many success stories, but many others struggle to secure work and run out of money before returning home.

The Embassy of Ireland to Australia and New Zealand strongly urge any potential travelers to thoroughly research their trip, plan ahead and seek detailed online advice. It is also important to have the right qualifications and travel insurance. Finding cheap travel insurance is easy with Paddy Compare. Simply enter the details of your trip and instantly compare travel insurance quotes from across Ireland. After-all Australia is ranked the world’s happiest nation. So why not see what all the fuss is about, book your trip and get travel insurance quotes at Paddy Compare today.