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House prices on the rise? Compare home insurance in Ireland now!

British house prices are rising at their fastest rate in over seven years as announced by a recent survey. This made great reading for many house owners who currently find themselves in negative equity, as the value of their home is worth less than the mortgage secured against it. The Bank of England suggested that interest rates would remain low for up to another 3 years and with new government incentives on lower cost mortgages this could sustain the upward trend for some time. The question is however, what is happening in Ireland as prices still remain stagnant? Is it time to buy before house prices rise once more?

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Tough times for Irish homeowners – Compare home insurance now!

Many Irish residents have reduced their household spending due to the economic downturn. A recent study from the Central Statistics Office showed that over 80% have made cuts. Some cut back on discretionary spend on transport and going out to pubs and restaurants, others reduced their grocery spend or purchased cheaper clothing and footwear. Despite the cuts, many still admitted to not being able to fund their ongoing bills and many were not able to make mortgage repayments at least once in the last 12 months. To make matters worse, the introduction of the new Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act now allows banks to repossess homes and investment properties. It is estimated that the bank have now issued over 43,000 letters threatening repossession.

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Irish water charges – Paddy Compare for home insurance!

With water charges set to arrive across Ireland in January 2015, this week marks the first water meter installs in Kildare. The water meters will take approximately 2 hours to install and information will be sent to all homeowners in coming weeks. Irish Water plan to open eight regional offices throughout Ireland, creating 220 new jobs in water service support roles. The Minister for the Environment Mr Phil Hogan has backed the plans in his efforts to create world class water and waste water systems in Ireland. However, with the average bill costing €500, this has left many homeowners unhappy across the country.

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New funding for disabled homeowners – insurance Ireland!

Good news for disabled homeowners as Minister Jan O’Sullivan recently announced an additional €10 million house funding for people with a disability. Minister O’Sullivan stresses the need for quality housing for disabled persons to ensure they continue to play a full and active role in the community. Local authorities have now submitted funding proposals and it is expected that this €10 million will produce between 80 and 90 new homes. This amount will form part of €100 million set aside to create 800 new homes from 2012-14 as part of the National Housing Strategy.

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Time to buy property in Ireland? Compare Home Insurance!

Recent results from the Central Statistics Office show a rise in residential property prices of 0.8%, the first of its kind this year. Despite the rise, house prices in Ireland remain undervalued after the 47% fall from the peak. This therefore presents an opportunity for first time buyers as evidenced by a 14% increase in house sales during the first few months of the year.

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Low Interest Rates on Mortgages in Ireland – House Insurance?

Recent figures from the Central Bank show that borrowing money for house purchases in Ireland costs an average of 3%, almost 15% cheaper than the euro zone average at 3.49%. Despite this, the cost of mortgage loans in Ireland is rising, despite the ECB main interest rate remaining unchanged.

Banks are currently losing money on their tracker mortgage products, and so are charging more for their standard variable rate and fixed rate mortgages.

If you are planning to take advantage of the low (but rising) mortgage prices to buy your first home, up-size, or purchase an investment property, you may also be considering the cost of home insurance. Paddy Compare can compare home insurance in Ireland for you, saving the hassle and getting the best prices. Try Paddy Compare for house insurance today!

Home Insurance vital during cold weather

The entrenched cold air across Ireland, with the jet stream so far south, means that a chilly Easter is on the cards this coming weekend. The average temperature for March is set to be one of the coldest on record, and problems have been faced by motorists and home-owners across the country this year as temperatures have plummeted.

Home Insurance is vital throughout the year to prevent against any unforeseen circumstances, but it is especially important during colder times when damaged boilers and burst pipes may be an issue; especially those which are outside and uncovered.

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Compare insurance in Ireland!

The Irish insurance industry continues to perform despite concerns that it could have contracted by up to 6% in 2012. Recent results issued by RSA Insurance (the owner of showed continued growth and a 5% increase in written premiums of up to €400 million across the country in 2012.

Insurance is an annual essential for everyone. Whether you are a car, home or business owner, getting the right cover is a must. Therefore it is important to shop around in order to find yourself the best value insurance in Ireland. How many times have you tried to better your insurance renewal? Still insuring with the same company you started with? Never compared insurance online?

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Home insurance for you, not just for Christmas!

With extremes in weather set to hit Ireland over the next few weeks, winter has truly arrived. Cork City Council warned home and business owners of possible flooding in the next couple of days. Forecast by Met Éireann expects approximately 25mm of rainfall in the Cork area tomorrow alone.

On a brighter note, the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show that house prices have risen 0.9% across the country. House prices in Dublin increased by 3.1% which is almost the largest rise in six years as reported by Irish estate agent DNG. After four consecutive years of a double digit decline in house prices, this slight increase is giving some comfort and assurance that prices have now stabilised.

So whether you’re worried about the price of your home or the cost of flooding, it is important to find the right home insurance policy. As Christmas approaches the last thing you want to worry about is insurance. At Paddy Compare you can instantly compare Irish home insurance prices from across the whole market. So protect your home, enjoy your Christmas and get a home insurance quote today!