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New builds in Ireland drop in 2013 – Home insurance at Paddy Compare

The number of new home builds decreased in 2013 by approximately 35% from the number in 2012. In 2012 over 12,500 new builds were constructed and last year the number fell to around 7,950. Dublin showed a 47% increase in new builds from last year while Cork had the most new buildings. Of the 7,950 buildings that were constructed last year, 85% related to residential properties and 12% commercial structures.

If you own a new build or if you are thinking of building a house for yourself or for let, you will need to find the right property owners insurance. Getting the right deal on your home insurance can take time and money. At Paddy Compare we search the home owners insurance market for you and bring you some of the best deals in Ireland. Simply complete our home insurance, residential landlord insurance or commercial property insurance comparison quote forms and let us do the hard work so you don’t have to. It doesn’t matter if you need home insurance Dublin, commercial property insurance Limerick or landlord insurance Galway, our specialist home insurance brokers can help. Get home insurance quotes in Ireland and save money today.

Ireland’s west coast worst hit by storms – Home insurance at Paddy Compare!

Residents along the west coast of Ireland are now just starting to recovered from some of the worse storms seen in recent times. Galway County council said that the storms caused unprecedented damage to roads, paths and property and will take millions to repair. Areas worst hit include Co Cork, Cape Clear, Sherkin islands and many other beaches remain inaccessible. Met Eireann say the worst is now over and the European Commission said they will help provide funding for the rebuild in the coming months.

Have you been affected by the storms? Was your house flooded? If so, then your home insurance could be very important. The right home insurance policy will cover you against storm and flood damage and so it could be your only hope. At Paddy Compare you can compare cheap homeowners insurance from our trusted property insurance brokers from across Ireland. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can get home insurance in Dublin, Galway, Cork or anywhere in Ireland. Simply complete our home insurance quotes form and get covered before the storms hit again.

Happy New Year 2014 from Paddy Compare!

Happy New Year from the team at Paddy Compare. Try us in 2014 and compare car insurance, home insurance, van insurance, taxi insurance and much more. We compare insurance from a range of insurance brokers in Ireland to find you the best deal available. Simply complete one of our online insurance quote forms and our trusted partners will contact you with quotes to suit. So get your 2014 of to a great start, get quotes at Paddy Compare and start saving now.

Car & Home insurance prices set to rise following RSA bailout!!

Worrying news for car and homeowners as they could face paying more for their motor and home insurance after one of the largest players in the Irish insurance market had to get yet another bailout from its British parent. This financial turmoil at RSA Insurance Ireland is now estimated to cost families around €100 in higher premiums according to experts as they will be forced to increase premiums to avoid any further bailouts and stay alive.

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Top Christmas Presents in 2013 – Compare cheap insurance at Paddy Compare!

Are you ready for Christmas? With just 25 days to go before Santa arrives, time is running out. Want to know what the top Christmas gifts will be in 2013? We asked our users what they thought and here is what they said. For boys the top 10 Xmas presents for 2013 include an indoor remote control helicopter, LEGO, soccer goalposts, walkie talkies and a Batman action set. The top 10 Christmas presents for girls in 2013 included a pram, Disney toys, a Radica Girl electronic diary, Barbie and a One Direction bag. The top 10 gifts for men in 2013 include novelty cuff links, wallets, socks, aftershave and DVDs. The top 10 Christmas presents for women in 2013 included a onesie, in-car hair straighteners, designer hand-bag, a watch and slippers. The top 10 gadget gifts for Christmas 2013 include the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and the Kindle Fire HDX.

Beat the rush this year and use Paddy Compare to grab yourself a deal on your insurance. We compare insurance prices across Ireland from all the leading insurance providers for car insurance, home insurance, van insurance, taxi insurance, gadget insurance and much more. So if you need cheap insurance in Ireland, use Paddy Compare and tick cheap insurance off your Christmas list now.

Strong winds in Galway cause structural damage – Compare Home Insurance today.

Rough weather today in the Galway area caused significant damage to a number of properties. Locals described how a large black cloud seemed to cover the area before starting to spin violently. The tornado like winds uprooted trees and caused structural damage to buildings and roofs. Met Eireann said that these funnel shaped clouds typically form after prolonged heavy showers.

At Paddy Compare we know that mother nature can be very unpredictable, that’s why finding the right home insurance for your property in Ireland is a must. With heavy winds, floods and cold periods to come over winter, it is time to act and get your home insurance before it’s to late. A home insurance policy will cover you against structural damage from storms and floods, but it’s always important to read the fine print and check every detail with your home insurer. Use Paddy Compare to compare home insurance from property insurance specialist across Ireland in one go. Save time and money with Paddy Compare.

Central Bank announce new plans on mortgage arrears – Paddy Compare for home insurance!

The Central Bank of Ireland has recently set out new targets for banks dealing with mortgage customers who have fallen more than 90 days in arrears. After discussions with Troika, the European Commission led fund organisers, the Central Bank wants to have “concluded agreements” in place with 15% of customers in arrears over three months by the end of the year. It also wants to see banks offering sustainable solutions to 70% of these customers by spring 2014. It is yet to be decided if this is good or bad news for customers The Central Bank has not clearly defined their terminology of “sustainable solution” and whether this includes repossession or voluntary sale.

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Save up to €360 when you compare home insurance – Paddy Compare!

A recent study carried out by the National Consumer Agency has just confirmed the need to compare insurance. In particular the study revealed that the average consumer could save up to €360 on their home insurance by just simply by shopping around. The survey found the highest insurance quote for a four bedroom semi-detached house in Dublin to be €530, while the lowest was €250. The statistics show that only 14% of customers switched provider on their renewal, and 80% of those who did saved money.

At Paddy Compare you can compare home insurance from providers across Ireland with just one simple form. We understand the importance of comparing insurance and know the true value of shopping around for your home insurance. Whether you need home insurance for your house in Dublin, or for your bungalow in Cork, Paddy can help. So get home insurance quotes and see how much you could save.

Compare insurance at Paddy Compare!

Use Paddy Compare to compare car insurance, home insurance, van insurance or travel insurance in Ireland. Even if you are looking for something more specialist such as taxi insurance, caravan insurance or landlord insurance, Paddy can help you. We provide a totally independent and fully authorised comparison service that helps you find the best insurance deals on the market.

Simply enter some details about you and some details about your risk and Paddy will compare prices from insurance brokers across Ireland. We will then match your details up with specialist insurers that will contact you with tailored quotes to suit. So try Paddy Compare today, compare insurance for free and see how much you could save.

CPP to pay £1.3 billion in mis-selling scandal! Compare insurance at Paddy Compare

Insurer CPP is the latest name in the mis-selling scandal to pay up to £1.3 billion sterling in compensation to customers for mis-sold credit card insurance. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) stated that approximately seven million customers who bought and renewed about 23 million policies will soon be contacted by CPP. The FCA had already issued a fine to CPP earlier in the year for £10.5 million for giving customers misleading and unclear information. Card protection insurance costs roughly £30 per year, with identity protection about £80 annually and in most cases both are optional extras.

For a brand you can trust, use Paddy Compare. At Paddy Compare you can compare insurance quotes for a range of products such as car insurance, home insurance and more specialist insurance such as taxi insurance, landlord insurance, life insurance and much more. Paddy Compare is fully authorised by the FCA and we provide you with a totally independent service. Simply complete an online insurance quote form and Paddy could help you find cheap insurance in Ireland today.