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Health Insurance Premiums spiral out of control!

More and more people have stopped their health insurance cover since the recession began back in 2008. Research suggests that less than 50% of the population now hold effective health insurance cover for their family.

Health insurance premiums are continually on the rise. With an ever increasing number of health insurers such as VHI, Laya, GloHealth and Aviva, all announcing monthly increase in prices; things are only going to get worse. With the average premium set to rise by as much as €400 in 2013, families are going to be even more out of pocket.

In addition with the 2013 budget due on 5th December, Mr James Reilly (Health Minister) could be set to increase the cost of a private bed in a public hospital. This results in a corresponding increase in health insurance and a further squeeze on the family budget.

It was announced last week that the top health insurers have released new schemes to encourage the use of health insurance benefits in the workplace. It is still unknown if these policies will be made available to the public and could cut prices by up to €150. The only hope we have now is that the new health insurance levy/ risk equalisation scheme due in early 2013 will neutralise health insurance costs and reduce the prices for all involved.

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