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Time to buy property in Ireland? Compare Home Insurance!

Recent results from the Central Statistics Office show a rise in residential property prices of 0.8%, the first of its kind this year. Despite the rise, house prices in Ireland remain undervalued after the 47% fall from the peak. This therefore presents an opportunity for first time buyers as evidenced by a 14% increase in house sales during the first few months of the year.

Are you ready to buy? If so the you will need home insurance to cover your building and contents in the event of damages, theft or flood risks. We understand that finding the right house insurance is difficult. At Paddy Compare you can compare homeowners insurance in Ireland with just one form. It’s a free and totally independent service. So complete our online home insurance form and get quotes for home insurance in Ireland now.

#XboxOne announced – Compare gadget insurance

Microsoft has revealed its latest game console the Xbox One. The third generation console will be sold as the complete all-in-one system offering games, television, movies and music. The Xbox One’s new features will include a Blu-ray drive, Skype functionality and an upgraded Kinect interactive camera sensor. The announcement puts Microsoft in a strong position in the home entertainment sector and the console will go on sale later this year.

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EU car market shows signs of recovery – car insurance Ireland

The European car market showed slight signs of recovery as new EU car registrations in April were up over 1.5% on the same time last year. This is according to recent data from the European automaker’s association. All major car makers have struggled recently due to the downturn, with Ford, Peugeot, Fiat and General Motors posting combined operating losses of approximately €5 billion. This small rise comes as a relief for many and shows some promise for 2013.

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Dublin extend cycleways – bike insurance Ireland

Good news for Irish cyclists as Dublin City Councillors approved a proposal to extend the Dublin Bay cycleway and treble the Dublin Bike Scheme. €600,000 was invested in adding two kilometres of cycleway at Clontarf which will complete the 8km cycle lane from Sutton to Fairview. Future plans could see this stretch increased to 22km and reaching Sandycove.

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Can you parallel park? – Compare car insurance now!

Are you good at parking your car? Many of us would class our driving skills as pretty good. Certainly many men among us would rate their driving way above that of their female counterparts. Some people would argue that dangerous parking is one of the many reasons for congestion and accidents in built up areas. We have all seen it, people parking on kerbs, tail ends sticking out or people quickly parking in the bus stop while running into the shop. One poor lady was recently caught on video attempting to parallel park in Belfast City centre for over thirty minutes. For those of you who have yet to see this parking exhibition click here.

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Samsung profits hit record high – Gadget insurance

Samsung Electronics profit reaches new levels. Samsung shipped over 70 million smartphones in the first quarter, leaving rival Apple way behind on a mere 37 million iPhones. Apple therefore has a lot to do if they want to get back to the top of the smartphone market. Experts are predicting that the new Samsung S4 will outsell its SIII predecessor. Samsung is also a world leading television and memory chip manufacturer.

Everybody owns a mobile phone and most people own a smartphone. These great devices can be used for calling, texting, listening to music, watching videos, taking pictures, sending emails and running your business from the palm of your hand. Therefore getting mobile phone insurance is so important. Mobile phone insurance can cover you if your phone gets damaged, lost or stolen. At Paddy Compare you can compare gadget insurance quotes in Ireland for your phone, tablet, laptop and much more.

Did the Titanic have boat insurance?

Tourism in Northern Ireland was encouraged to hear that over 800,000 people from 128 countries visited the Titanic exhibition in Belfast during the first 12 months. The exhibition was constructed to mark the centenary of the launch of the Titanic from the Belfast docks on 12 April 1912. This was close to double the 450,000 visitors expected. With more than half coming from overseas and 30% from the Republic of Ireland, the city welcomed the £30m boost to the economy.

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More hotels for dublin – hotel insurance comparison!

Another hotel set for the Irish capita! An overseas investor has agreed to pay just over €6 million for the somewhat vacant Findlater House Office block. The property showed some interest with eight tenders in total, but the €6 million offer comes along way shy of the purchase price of over €30 million in 2005 by Garret Kelleher’s Shelbourne Developments.

Hotel insurance is vital to ensure the peace of mind of you and your guests. The last thing either of you want to worry about is, “what could go wrong?” Adequate hotel insurance will cover your hotel and its contents against damages. Your staff and guests may claim against you so having the right hotel insurance cover is essential. At Paddy Compare you can compare hotel insurance quotes from the whole market. So whether you own a small bed and breakfast, a guest house or a large hotel, Paddy can help you today.

Mileage clocking scams – motor insurance ireland!

Thinking of buying a used car? Recent figures show that over 11% of all cars on the roads have been “clocked”. With the current economic climate and the lack of cash in the pocket of consumers, dodgy car dealers are taking advantage of unsuspecting car buyers by falsifying mileage. This is particularly common in vehicles with registration year 2009. Not only are these cars being sold at premiums, driver safety is a major concern as the car has been subject to many more miles of wear and tear.

So whether you are thinking of buying new or second hand, finding the right motor insurance is a must. It is a legal requirement to have at least third party car insurance. You can use Paddy Compare to quickly compare car insurance prices in Ireland. Simply complete our one page online car insurance quote form and start comparing now.

Avon quits in Ireland – Salon insurance!

Cosmetic giant Avon has announced that it has ceased trading in Ireland as part of a wider attempt to save $400 million by 2016. Avon, listed in the New York Stock Exchange is well known in the UK for its “ding-dong, Avon calling” ads in the 60s. The door to door sales model that Avon adopts is still extremely effective at reaching consumers in Brazil, which is the third largest beauty market in the world behind the US and Japan.

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