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Have you ever eaten horse meat? Findus is the latest company involved in the horse meat scandal across Ireland. Findus prepares to take legal action against its supplier Comigel, after it tested 18 beef lasagne products and found 11 contained between 60% and 100% horse meat. Comigel, the French based company is being investigated by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

One would think that horse meat is more expensive than beef, but in some European countries such as Romania recent changes in law reduced prices, giving some suppliers an opportunity to cheat the system. With horse DNA also found in products throughout Sweeden and Spain, this is truly now a Europe-wide problem. The Irish Minister for Agriculture Simon Conveney has promised rigorous testing and a full investigation into how horse meat entered the Irish food chain.

These cases show the importance of purchasing high quality business insurance. At Paddy Compare you can compare prices for shop insurance, liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and much more. So if you are a business owner and worried about potential claims on your business for whatever reason, get insured and stay safe.


Car Insurance Insurance

Clean licence equals cheap car insurance!

Convicted Driver Insurance

Have you penalty points on your licence? If so, you could see your car insurance premium increase by as much as 150% this year. The Transport Minister Leo Varadkar signed new regulations which for the first time give motor insurance companies access to the National Driver Vehicle File (NDVF). This forms part of the Minister’s latest efforts to reduce car insurance premiums, improve road safety and reward safe driving.

The NDVF will allow insurance companies to look up a person’s driving history and premiums will be weighted accordingly. Drivers will be penalised for the 18 most serious offences such as speeding, , drink driving, driving without insurance and dangerous driving.

So whether you have a clean licence and require cheap car insurance or have committed offences in the past and are in search of cheap convicted driver insurance, Paddy Compare can help. Paddy knows that everyone makes mistakes and that’s why we compare motor insurance from across the whole market to find you the best deal. Get a quote and see how much you can save.

Insurance Landlord Insurance

Buy to let? Buy landlord insurance!

Rental income can be a nice earner but it comes with some substantial risks especially in the current economic climate. When someone purchases a buy-to-let property they expect the rent from the property to exceed the costs and for the property to increase in value over time, but that is not always the case.

From 1993 to early 2007, property prices in Ireland showed a steady rise and in particular from 2001 to 2007, property tripled in value. This spurred additional building and despite over 15% of all homes being unoccupied, construction continued. A recent report showed that over 350,000 homes, representing 17% of Ireland’s total housing remained unoccupied. At its height, the average house in Ireland was worth €310,000 but thanks to the credit crunch this figure fell to €150,000.

In late 2012 property prices increased for the first time since 2007 but still remain over 60% lower than their peak. Given the slight increase in prices and a corresponding increase in the number of residential transactions, experts say that the market is in early stages of recovery.

If you own a property that you currently rent or are planning to rent, then landlord insurance is very important. Even if your property is unoccupied, landlord insurance is a must. Paddy Compare can help you take advantage of some of the best buy-to-let insurance deals on the Irish market. Simply fill in our short one page landlord quote form and start saving money when you need it most.

Insurance Travel Insurance

Time for a holiday & cheap travel insurance in 2013!

Are you feeling the January blues? Back to work and into the same old routine? Well why not book a holiday and take advantage of some cheap travel insurance at the same time.

The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation recently confirmed that last year alone 6.5 million people travelled to Ireland. Trends showed a growth of 2% in visitors from mainland Europe and North America, but a fall of 100,000 visiting from Britain.

The central statistics office revealed that they saw a 1.5% increase to 2,075,000 Irish people making overseas journeys in 2012. This therefore reduced the number of Irish domestic holidays by 0.3% to 4.2 million.

Minister for Tourism Leo Varadkar backed up the statistics by suggesting that despite the poor Irish weather and the troubled economy, tourism in 2013 seems to moving in a positive direction.

So whether you plan to travel abroad or take advantage of some of Ireland’s local attractions, Paddy Compare can help. It doesn’t matter if you need a family travel policy, multi-trip policy, adventure sports cover or are planning a back packing holiday. Use Paddy Compare, get a travel quote, find cheap travel insurance and save €€€ to spend on your holiday.


Mis-sold payment protection insurance?

Have you ever been mis-sold payment protection insurance? Since August 2007, over 300,000 payment protection insurance policies have been sold throughout Ireland. Many of these applications were wrongly sold and the unknowing victims could have been paying as much as 30-40% extra on repayments.

Payment protection insurance is a type of cover that repays loans and credit card balances should the policy holder become unemployed or unwell. PPI is separate to mortgage protection and is an optional extra. Unfortunately many were told otherwise and forced to buy it in order to help approve their application.

How do I know if I was a victim? If you were self-employed, worked less than 16 hours a week, performed contract work, already had income protection or simply forced to make an upfront payment you may be entitled to claim back thousands of Euros.

What should I do? Consumers are being advised to do nothing as you will be contacted by your bank. Claims management companies should be avoided at all costs. The Central Bank has ordered independent reviews of all PPI sales within banks such as Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Banks, EBS, Permanent TSB, Ulster Bank and GE Money during that period.

If you need insurance of any kind and want a brand you can trust, try Paddy Compare today!


Happy Christmas!

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Happy Christmas and a happy new year from all the staff here at Paddy Compare.

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Home Insurance Insurance

Home insurance for you, not just for Christmas!

With extremes in weather set to hit Ireland over the next few weeks, winter has truly arrived. Cork City Council warned home and business owners of possible flooding in the next couple of days. Forecast by Met Éireann expects approximately 25mm of rainfall in the Cork area tomorrow alone.

On a brighter note, the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show that house prices have risen 0.9% across the country. House prices in Dublin increased by 3.1% which is almost the largest rise in six years as reported by Irish estate agent DNG. After four consecutive years of a double digit decline in house prices, this slight increase is giving some comfort and assurance that prices have now stabilised.

So whether you’re worried about the price of your home or the cost of flooding, it is important to find the right home insurance policy. As Christmas approaches the last thing you want to worry about is insurance. At Paddy Compare you can instantly compare Irish home insurance prices from across the whole market. So protect your home, enjoy your Christmas and get a home insurance quote today!


Health Insurance Insurance

Health Insurance Premiums spiral out of control!

More and more people have stopped their health insurance cover since the recession began back in 2008. Research suggests that less than 50% of the population now hold effective health insurance cover for their family.

Health insurance premiums are continually on the rise. With an ever increasing number of health insurers such as VHI, Laya, GloHealth and Aviva, all announcing monthly increase in prices; things are only going to get worse. With the average premium set to rise by as much as €400 in 2013, families are going to be even more out of pocket.

In addition with the 2013 budget due on 5th December, Mr James Reilly (Health Minister) could be set to increase the cost of a private bed in a public hospital. This results in a corresponding increase in health insurance and a further squeeze on the family budget.

It was announced last week that the top health insurers have released new schemes to encourage the use of health insurance benefits in the workplace. It is still unknown if these policies will be made available to the public and could cut prices by up to €150. The only hope we have now is that the new health insurance levy/ risk equalisation scheme due in early 2013 will neutralise health insurance costs and reduce the prices for all involved.

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