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A landmark deal for one of the UK’s largest truck and trailer services firms, TIP Trailer Services as it plans to purchase 900 new trailers in the months ahead. The investment is said to be in the region of £19 million and is the biggest deal in the UK this year. The deal will see TIP further develop their existing product range to include a full mix of trailer types such as curtainsiders, box vans, skeletals, reefers, teardrops and double deck trailers.

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Taxi vehicle advertising proposals – Paddy Compare taxi insurance Ireland

Irish taxi drivers expressed their concern against a new proposal which would remove the right to advertise on their taxi vehicles. The National Private Hire and Taxi Association organised the rally which say over 300 taxi drivers take to the streets in protest between College Green and George’s Street in mid February. Drivers also protested against the misuse of a transport phone application for mobile phones which allows the public to check and authenticate the taxi driver’s licence and registration.

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Irish property prices on the rise – Cheap home insurance at PaddyCompare

Residential property prices fell in Dublin in February 2014 while house prices outside of the City rose for the first time in months. That made property prices outside Dublin nearly 5% higher than this time last year. Experts suggest that national prices are beginning to improve again due to a rise in repossessions and an increase in new builds.

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Cheap minibus insurance in Ireland at Paddy Compare!

Do you own a minibus and need insurance? If the answer is yes, then Paddy can help. At Paddy Compare you can compare minibus insurance Ireland from our minibus insurance specialists and you could be saving in minutes. It doesn’t matter what make or model of minibus nor does it matter what your vehicle is used for. Our partner insurers will cover all types of vehicle and situation to include private hire, public hire, charity, club, educational, childcare, church or company minibus insurance. The price of your minibus insurance policy will depend on the level of cover, the number of passengers and years no claims. So for cheap minibus insurance quotes in Ireland use Paddy Compare today.

How to become a taxi driver and get a taxi PSV licence in Ireland!

Are you interested in a career that offers both flexibility and reward? If so becoming a taxi driver could be the answer. You will need to know how to become a taxi driver and how to get a PSV taxi license. Taxis and small public service vehicles are regulated by the National Transport Authority. Their duties include overseeing the licensing of all taxis, hackneys and limousines, processing applications, issuing and renewing licences for SPSVs. All this is done through a network of 32 regional centres. You will need a SPSV Driver Licence which involves completing an application to the Garda Síochána and sitting a SPSV Entry Test in order to obtain your SPSV driver ID card. You will also need a SPSV Vehicle Licence which are issued by the NTA to applicants who meet certain conditions and whose vehicles meet the required standards. The cost to renew your licence for a period of 1 year is approximately €125. For more details on how to get a PSV taxi licence and how to become a taxi driver please click here.

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Compare Truck Insurance Ireland at Paddy Compare!

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Paddy Compare is pleased to announce the launch of it’s new motor fleet insurance comparison service. If you own a fleet of vehicles and are in need of cheap motor fleet insurance quotes then try Paddy Compare today. Simply complete our online motor fleet insurance quote system and we will pass your details onto a motor fleet insurance specialist that can help meet your needs. So whether you own a commercial fleet of vehicles, business or company cars, vans or more specialist vehicles such as trucks, heavy goods vehicles, dumpers, diggers, forklifts or agricultural vehicles, our fleet insurance experts can help you. Our fleet insurance brokers can quote nationwide. Get motor fleet insurance Ireland and start saving money now.

Home Insurance Ireland at Paddy Compare – €95 million Irish storm repair fund

The Irish Government agreed today to add another €70 million to the €25 million fund set aside to help repair the damage caused by recent storms. The news comes all to late for some as they have already suffered huge loss to their homes and property. Some of the worse hit areas include Cork, Clare and Galway where flooding damaged roads, homes and many local businesses.

At times like this it is even more important to have the correct home insurance cover. Paddy Compare can help you find quality home insurance Ireland at prices that you can afford. Our specialist property insurance providers cover the whole country, so if you need Dublin home insurance, house insurance in Galway or property insurance in Cork, we can help you save time and money. Get cheap home insurance quotes at Paddy Compare and insure your home against mother nature today.

New builds in Ireland drop in 2013 – Home insurance at Paddy Compare

The number of new home builds decreased in 2013 by approximately 35% from the number in 2012. In 2012 over 12,500 new builds were constructed and last year the number fell to around 7,950. Dublin showed a 47% increase in new builds from last year while Cork had the most new buildings. Of the 7,950 buildings that were constructed last year, 85% related to residential properties and 12% commercial structures.

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