Irish water charges – Paddy Compare for home insurance!

With water charges set to arrive across Ireland in January 2015, this week marks the first water meter installs in Kildare. The water meters will take approximately 2 hours to install and information will be sent to all homeowners in coming weeks. Irish Water plan to open eight regional offices throughout Ireland, creating 220 new jobs in water service support roles. The Minister for the Environment Mr Phil Hogan has backed the plans in his efforts to create world class water and waste water systems in Ireland. However, with the average bill costing €500, this has left many homeowners unhappy across the country.

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Irish weather takes bikers to the roads – Motorbike Insurance

All Irish people and their visiting tourists have been stunned by the heatwave which has graced the country in the last fortnight. Dublin and other major cities have regularly experienced temperatures in the mid-twenties, and the good weather is set to continue despite the occasional rain shower this weekend.

The good weather is an excellent opportunity to take your motorbike out of the garage, and enjoy some of the scenic coastline and country roads on offer. Whilst keeping to sensible speeds and being mindful of other motorists, motorcyclists also have to consider their bike insurance, and Paddy Compare is here to help.

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Irish tourism on the rise – compare travel insurance in Ireland!

Encouraging signs for the Irish tourism industry as the first half of the year shows a rise of 5.4% in the number of trips made to Ireland compared to 2012. The Central Statistics Office said that more than 3.1 million trips have been made this year to date, the highest since 2009. The majority of visitors came from Britain but the stats also showed a healthy increase in visitor numbers from Asia and North and South America. Approximately 3 million Irish residents have made trips overseas during the first six months of the year.

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Watch the cents, and the Euros will look after themselves!

Or will they?

The Irish government is to decide in 2014 whether or not to remove 1c and 2c coins from circulation.

During times of inflation, the value of all coins decreases with time, and so a trial is being carried out in Wexford to check if there really is a need for the small coppers. Under the trial, prices can be rounded up or down, but this will only apply to packages of goods, and not single items.

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Swinton set to compensate customers – Compare insurance at Paddy Compare

Swinton, one of the largest insurance companies in the UK has been fined €8.5 million by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for mis-selling insurance policies. The FCA stated that Swinton had “prioritised profit” and in doing so failed to treat their customers fairly. The incidents arose from the company selling “add-ons” in the form of personal accident, home emergency and motor breakdown policies. The “add-ons” were not the problem, but the fact that the customer was not told that these policies were optional extras. Swinton has since contacted 650,000 customers and has set aside over €13 million for compensation.

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Moving to OZ? Compare Travel Insurance at Paddy Compare!

Ireland has seen a 30% rise in the amount of people moving to Australia in the last six years.  Some leave for the permanent summer, others for work or adventure and some seek a better way of life. Irish emigrants are also attracted by the booming economy as over 40,000 Irish people journey to Australia for work every year. Many use the popular 457 temporary work visa and hope to find a job in the mines of Western Australia. Yes, there are many success stories, but many others struggle to secure work and run out of money before returning home.

The Embassy of Ireland to Australia and New Zealand strongly urge any potential travelers to thoroughly research their trip, plan ahead and seek detailed online advice. It is also important to have the right qualifications and travel insurance. Finding cheap travel insurance is easy with Paddy Compare. Simply enter the details of your trip and instantly compare travel insurance quotes from across Ireland. After-all Australia is ranked the world’s happiest nation. So why not see what all the fuss is about, book your trip and get travel insurance quotes at Paddy Compare today.

New funding for disabled homeowners – insurance Ireland!

Good news for disabled homeowners as Minister Jan O’Sullivan recently announced an additional €10 million house funding for people with a disability. Minister O’Sullivan stresses the need for quality housing for disabled persons to ensure they continue to play a full and active role in the community. Local authorities have now submitted funding proposals and it is expected that this €10 million will produce between 80 and 90 new homes. This amount will form part of €100 million set aside to create 800 new homes from 2012-14 as part of the National Housing Strategy.

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New “132” # plate – Car Insurance Ireland

Almost 3,000 cars have been sold over the first couple of days as the new “132” number plate was introduced in Ireland from the 1st July. The “13” meaning the year and the “2” meaning the second sales segment of the year. This total included 164 Nissan Qashqais, 149 Ford Focus models and 136 VW Golfs. These figures look promising for dealers, however many of these vehicles would have been pre-ordered weeks ago and more accurate stats on the current buying market will come to the fore in the next few weeks.

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Car insurance premiums to rise with court changes

Court changes are set to hike the costs of motor insurance, an expert warns. Dorothea Dowling (Injuries Board chairperson) says that legal costs will jump up as a result of the Courts Bill 2013.

The law will increase the limits for the size of awards which can be awarded in the district, circuit and high courts. This is expected to result in busier courts, huge delays and greater costs for companies – resulting in increased premiums for customers.

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New Macbook Air – Gadget and Laptop Insurance

Innovative retail giant Apple has just released its new Macbook Air. Since the introduction of ‘netbook’ style computers, the Air has been a popular choice for students and computer users on the go.

The new Macbook boasts up to 12 hours battery life, new processors, next-generation 802.11ac wireless connectivity and super-quick flash storage, all neatly housed within a 1.7cm thick shell that weighs just over 1kg.

Computing on the go can be risky, and many people opt for gadget insurance to protect their valuable electronics against accidental damage, theft or water. If you are prone to such accidents or just want some extra peace of mind, Paddy Compare’s one page form will let you compare laptop insurance from specialist gadget insurance specialists across Ireland. Try us today to see how much you could save!