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For most professional service firms, professional indemnity insurance or PI insurance as it’s often referred is one of their largest items of expenditure. Difficult economic conditions have resulted in firms looking to manage costs even more carefully. It is at times like these that all firms and businesses need to ensure that they are getting the best possible value for money with regards to professional indemnity insurance. Having a clear understanding of what options are available to your firm and business is paramount, therefore it is important to shop around and compare prices.

If you own a business providing a service that is involved in giving advice or consultations to customers, you will need Professional Indemnity Insurance. At Paddy Compare you can quickly compare PI insurance across Ireland. Simply complete our one-page online PI insurance quote form and receive professional indemnity quotes. Our trusted PI providers can provide tailored quotes for all types of professional service businesses to include accountants, solicitors, legal, surgeries, consultancies, IT specialists and much more. Visit Paddy Compare and get cheap professional indemnity insurance quotes for your business today.

Decline in Irish pub trade? Paddy Compare for pub insurance!

Poor news for Dublin city centre pub Flannery’s as the High Court appoint an interim examiner. Flannery’s which employs 39 people has been classed as insolvent as they are unable to pay their debts. The company Camden Taverns Ltd which owns the pub got into financial difficulties and owe approximately €11 million to an Irish venture capital fund Vanguard Property Finance Ltd. Despite the level of debt, an independent accountant’s report said the business could continue if certain measures were taken.

If you own a pub in Dublin or in Ireland, then keeping costs down is essential. Many pub owners have seen a decline in the pub trade over the last number of years. At Paddy Compare you can compare pub insurance using our pub insurance comparison system. Simply enter the details about your pub and we will search the pub insurance market for you to find you tailored quotes that suit your business. So get cheap pub insurance quotes with Paddy Compare today, cut costs, save time and keep your customers happy.


Increase in Irish Car Sales – Car insurance at Paddy Compare!

Good news for the motor industry as car sales rose last month. Figures from the Society of Irish Motor Industry showed a 2.3% increase on the number of cars sold compared to this time last year. In total, 1,696 cars were sold in October bringing the total cars sold in 2013 to date to just over 73,000. The most popular car make is Volkswagen with the Golf being the best selling model. Over 70% of all cars sold have been diesel, which is a trend that has continued since the introduction of the CO2 based motor tax system.

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Happy Halloween from Paddy Compare!!

Why not grab yourself a deal on your insurance while on Halloween break. At Paddy Compare you can quickly compare car insurance, home insurance, van insurance, taxi insurance, caravan insurance and much more. With insurance prices rising like rockets it is more important than ever to shop around. By simply completing one of our insurance quote forms we will do the hard work for you and match your details with a trusted insurance provider who can help you. The insurer will then contact you with tailored quotes to suit. So don’t let your Halloween go off with a BANG, treat yourself and use Paddy Compare today!


Travel disruption for taxi drivers in Dublin – Compare Taxi Insurance

Today’s 34th Dublin Marathon attracted over 14,000 runners today, who took to the city’s streets in aid of various causes, with plenty of determination and some competitive spirit. Clare man and primary school teacher Sean Hehir won the 26.2 mile race with a time of 2 hours, 18 minutes and 19 seconds. Maria McCambridge, originally from Donegal, was the fastest woman, crossing the finish line after 2 hours, 38 minutes and 51 seconds.

Taxi drivers will have been avoiding Dublin city centre, with road closures in Merrion Square, Fitzwilliam Street, Baggott Street, Dawson Street and College Street, amongst others along the route, and drivers will have had to be somewhat more inventive than usual with their route planning. Whilst planning routes is a day-to-day occurrence, buying taxi insurance comes around much less frequently, and many drivers may be overpaying. Try Paddy Compare today to compare taxi insurance in Dublin, and across Ireland. Our one page forms and specialist insurers will ensure cheap taxi insurance quotes, so compare taxi insurance today!

New code of conduct in Irish grocery sector – Paddy Compare for shop insurance

Latest news following hearings with the Irish Agriculture Food committees sees the introduction of a statutory code of conduct into the grocery sector. The study found that food producers aren’t getting treated fairly or value for money for their goods. This comes as a result of larger wholesalers putting pressure on food processors, taking shortcuts and making large gains. The new code has brought mixed emotions with some for it and some against it such as the Director of Retail in Ireland who thinks the customers will lose out.

Do you own a shop? At Paddy Compare you can compare shop insurance free of charge. By simply using our shop insurance comparison quote form you can compare shop insurance prices from local Irish specialists in seconds. Shop insurance is important in order to cover you against damage and theft of stock and also includes a level of public liability insurance to protect you against claims from third parties whilst visiting your premises. So whether you own a grocers, confectionery, chip shop or a book shop, you can get cheap shop insurance at Paddy Compare.


Tax break to boost construction jobs – compare tradesman insurance

Despite the spending cuts and tax increases we reported earlier in the week, this week’s budget had some positive news for unemployed tradesmen who are considering setting up their own business.

A tax break has been announced to incentivise a boost to the stagnant construction industry in Ireland. The ‘Start Your Own Business Scheme’ announced will provide a two-year exemption on income tax for people who have been unemployed for 15 months or more and start-up a new unincorporated business. This is in addition to the Home Renovation Initiative (HRI) which will provide an income tax credit of 13.5% for homeowners on home improvement expenditure of between €5,000 and €35,000.

If you are considering setting up your own business providing tradesman services to home owners in Ireland, then Paddy Compare can help you save money on your tradesman insurance. This includes public liability, tool cover and vehicle cover. If you have a van, then separate van insurance can be compared with this simple form. Don’t let insurance hold back your business startup – compare tradesman insurance with Paddy Compare today!

Compare shop insurance now with Paddy Compare!

Paddy Compare are pleased to announce the availability of a shop insurance comparison service, available now at

If you are a shop owner in Dublin, Cork, Galway, or anywhere in the country, Paddy Compare can help you shop for cheap shop insurance in Ireland. Shop insurance is extremely important as owners are likely in regular contact with customers and the public. So whether you own an antique dealer shop, book shop, bakery, chemist, newsagent, toy shop or wedding shop, from A to Z, Paddy Compare has got you covered for shop insurance.

So complete Paddy Compare’s simple form today, receive quotes from specialist brokers across Ireland, and see how much you could save!

More cuts with 2014 Budget – Cut the cost of insurance with Paddy Compare

Finance Minister Michael Noonan delivered the 2014 budget yesterday which contained €2.5 billion worth of spending cuts and tax increases. You may wonder when and how are things ever going to improve? The Minister said the Government will continue to progress, grow the economy and create jobs as they prepare to exit the bailout. Some of the key cuts and changes announced include; job-seeker’s allowance for those under 25 cut to €100, child benefit cut by €10, corporation tax stays the same to encourage inward investment, 10% increase on cigarettes and on a pint of beer.

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Compare commercial landlord insurance at Paddy Compare

Need landlord insurance for a commercial property? Try Paddy Compare today and use our landlord insurance comparison system. If you need commercial landlord insurance in Ireland, simply complete our landlord insurance quote form today. One of our featured partners, Pembroke Insurance will then contact you directly with a competitive quote to suit.

Commercial landlord insurance is ideal for landlord who rent out properties for commercial use, to businesses, for office space, or have a mixed portfolio of commercial and residential buildings. Most policies will include buildings insurance as standard and cover you against accidental damage, re-house tenants in the event of floods or fires and have some level of public and property owners’ liability insurance. Contents insurance cover can usually be added as an extra.